I’d first like to thank my husband Fred for giving me AnneHudson.com for my birthday! Best gift ever! I always wanted AnneHudson.com, being that i’m in the entertainment business, but I’m such a tightwad with money… I refused to ever buy it (they’ve tried to sell it to me for THOUSANDS of dollars over the years… no thanks)! Fred bartered and worked it out… so here we are! Yay!

With my new website, I’m also launching my new podcast called Ask Anne”! I’d love for you to be apart of it… so feel free to reach out, if you have any questions or anything you’d like to talk about!

We’ve been dealing with record breaking arctic winter temperatures in Austin…. No electricity, NO water, NO FOOD! Y’all… it’s been crazy! On day 1 of all this craziness…. I posted a picture in the historic 6″ of snow we got in Austin! I was shocked that some people were saying I was “tone deaf” and “privileged” by posting this picture:

Since so many in Austin had lost electricity, the fact I was in the snow taking pictures, meant I still had electricity & therefore I’m “privileged”! Which btw… half of my neighborhood lost electricity too, we just had not (at the time).

My instinct was to be offended… but I decided that it’s actually a compliment! I’ll explain why in podcast 1!

It would be awesome if you would follow, like and rate my podcast…. so it looks like someone heard it! 🙂 ha

Take a screenshot of yourself listening and tag me online. It would be so cool to share with everyone, that YOU are listening!

Thank you so much! All the love!

ps… i’m terrible at TikTok, but I tried out the #FreezeFramePhoto challenge with my #KickYoSnow picture! Here it is:


no electricity or water in Austin, but using that battery life for TikTok!🤷🏼‍♀️ Let’s see your #KickYoSnow picture! Go! #texas #snow #austin #fyp

♬ Bad (2012 Remaster) – Michael Jackson

pss… Thanks to Carla Marie for recommending Brent Hammett to design my new website! He’s a badass & also did Radio Amy’s site… who I love! Highly recommend!

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